ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, ATEX, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

SHA has over 30 years ISO consultancy and auditing experience working with clients in the UK as well as the Middle-East, North Africa and the USA. This experience ensures your management system e.g. ISO 9001; ISO 13485 & MDD 93/42; AS9100; ATEX; ISO 14001; ISO 45001 will be set up quickly without any fuss and using less consultancy time than clients generally expect.

SHA’s consultant does not impose ready-made systems upon its clients. Instead, we work with you to combine our experience with your company knowledge to tailor a system unique to your business.  We believe less is more, so you won’t end up with a plethora of meaningless and confusing documents and information.  Instead, you’ll have very specific, easy to follow documents and information designed with input from your company.

“I knew for sure that your approach would go down well, your system is so methodical and fuss free, which is what it should be! It makes it so much easier for the client to be on board when they’re able to understand it”. [Certification Body auditor ]

“The auditor says that the way you have set everything (procedures etc) out is the best he has ever seen!” [Client]

“He was very impressed with your system and he has taken your name to recommend to others!” [Client]


If you are looking to add another Standard to your existing management system SHA can integrate these for you meaning you’ll still only have one management system to manage and comply with.

We can also help with the selection and application to a suitable UKAS accredited Certification Body. SHA is independent and has no affiliation with any Certification Body. We only recommend Certification Bodies that are appropriate to the nature of your business and most importantly that are UKAS Accredited.  There are other non UKAS accredited Certification Bodies out there but there are pitfalls in using them.  Please read our Certification Body Advice page.